is the premier NFT financial services desk.

We provide NFT collectors and investors a full-service, agency-based lending and trading desk, sourcing deep liquidity and utilizing trustless settlement on the decentralized and battle-tested platform.


It is completely free and takes 10 seconds.

Lending is an agency-based desk. We work with client partners to solve their bespoke needs and maximize value for all parties.

Liquidity Network

We have an extensive network of liquidity providers including institutions, hedge funds, collectors, DAOs, blockchain and crypto companies, and high net worth individuals.


We leverage our in-house appraisal technology to provide bespoke appraisal reports for counterparties.


Trading can help collectors find and obtain rare NFTs, assist with trustless asset trades, and provide transaction negotiation support.

Asset Obtainment

Our deep connections into the NFT ecosystem give us unparalleled access to some of the most illusive collectors and rarest assets.

Distressed Assets

We have access to unique dealflow including time-sensitive, distressed assets available exclusively to our opportunistic client partners.


We built, one of the leading decentralized, non-custodial NFT liquidity platforms. All settlements organized by leverage We hold no assets, allowing our client partners to maintain full control over their assets.

Trustless, Non-custodial sits atop the Arcade Protocol, a battle-tested and fully audited smart contract platform for NFT-basd borrowing on the Ethereum blockchain. maintains zero custody of any assets.

User-rich Ecosystem

Once on the platform, users can benefit from the multitude of features the platform provides.


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